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Sadly:  Abuse comes in many different forms ... Far too many in fact... From the taking of another person's life by another to...

  •  Domestic violence or non-violent domestic abuse.
  • Sexual violence or non-violent sexual abuse.
  • Psychological violence.
  • Physical violence.
  • Emotional violence.
  • Existential violence
  • Verbal violence or any other form of unsolicited violence or bullying.
  • Auto-abuse: Our own self-destructiveness.
  • Even Spiritual Abuse....

The simple truth is that all abuse is cruel: It is an attack and ALL such attacks are unacceptable:

Actually: The simple truth is that ALL violence is unacceptable.

Having said that: Yes... Abuse comes in many different forms... But none of them are acceptable...

None of them : No abuse is acceptable.


Abuse can be compared with slavery. In fact: Certain types of abuse ARE slavery.


Slavery is the "social status" of human beings known as slaves. These men, women and children are under the abslute control and command of another human being; the slave owner. The slave owner "owns" the slave as we may own a pet.


Historically: Slavery has served slave owners  as a means of securing the labour (or the services) of the slave; without that slave having any right to refuse, leave or receive anything in return for their labour - other than food, shelter and clothing.


Any slave attempting to escape would expect to be savagely beaten or even killed. Perversely, their crime (for which they could've been killed )being that they had deprived their owners of their owners rightful property. That property being themselves - the slaves.


Thanks to Humanitarian endeavours of humans such as William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln: Slavery officially ended in the British Empire in 1833 and the United States in 1865. accordingly: None of us are born into slavery, and none of us should be kept as slaves.



Despite the abolition of slavery, a percentage of our species continue to exist as the personal property of others. Trapped in abusive relationships. Controlled and owned by those who abuse us.


The comparison between being trapped in an abusive relationship and being a slave is unfortunately, a tragically good comparison.



One in four 'suffers abuse at home'
One in four people has been the victim of domestic abuse and more than one in five stay in a relationship even if they are being abused, a poll revealed yesterday.
          The survey showed more men stay in an abusive relationship (30 per cent) than women (16 per cent) and a quarter of people over the age of 50 remain in a relationship plagued by domestic violence.
          It also revealed that 29 per cent of victims take more than five years to leave an abusive relationship.
          The results of the YouGov poll for ITV's This Morning will feature in a week-long special on the show focusing on domestic abuse.
                                                  The METRO Feb 5th 2007