Abuse of Love

We know we are in an abusive relationship when..
Men can also be victims
Types of abuse
The Abuser
Support network
Abuse doesn't have to be Violent
The Bottom Line
Tell someone about it.
EXIT: Time to escape

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If you are planning to leave, these are ideas that might help you. They are suggestions and you do not have to have arranged all these things before you can leave.
Try to find a safe place to go (a friend’s house, family or a refuge)
Arrange a signal with a friend, which may need to be in code, so that you can be helped to escape
Try to have enough money put away in case you need a taxi, bus or train fare quickly
Gather together documents such as child and other benefit books, passports, birth certificates, rent books, mortgage details etc. and keep them in a safe place that you can get to easily
Have an extra set of keys cut for your house or anywhere else you may need to access. Remember to take a set of house keys with you
Keep a list of emergency contacts, e.g. school, GP, support services, in a safe place
Hide a small bag of essential items in a safe place together with any toiletries, baby things or personal items that you might need
If you have children, remember to take their favourite toy or comforter
Making the decision to leave is a big step but one that people take successfully every day. You are not alone and there is lots of help available to support you.
How you can help someone else *
If someone comes to you for help, listen and don’t try to take control. The following points may help you:
Take the person seriously and believe what they say
Be calm and positive
Respect their wishes at all times. Ask what they want
Give them time to discuss feelings and needs at their own pace
Stress that they are not responsible for the abuse and that they are not alone
Find out if they need medical help
Use this website to find an organisation that can help
Do not push them to do anything they are not ready to do. They are probably the best
judge of what the best way forward is and what action is safe.
Assist them in making contact with agencies who may be able to help, e.g. Police, Next Link, legal advice
Help them to keep safe by making a safety plan
Assure them of your confidentiality unless there are child protection issues which must be reported.
* Check whether it is safe to contact them and what the safest way is of keeping in touch.
Some people leave a violent and abusive relationship after only one incident. Others may take a long time to make this change in their lives. This does not mean that the violence is less serious. It is important that if someone feels unable to leave, they continue to receive help and support and a sympathetic response. There are organisations that can help women who are not ready to leave. Click here for organisations in Bristol who provide information and support for people experiencing domestic abuse.


  • Are you afraid of your partner?
  • Do you feel isolated, bullied or belittled?
  • Is your partner possessive and controlling?
  • Do you feel like you are walking on egg shells?
  • Does your partner threaten you or your children?
  • Does your partner deny the abuse or blame you?
  • Does your partner hit, push or kick you?

More examples of abusive behaviour 

  • controlling the finances
  • hurting you emotionally
  • subjecting you to sexual abuse
  • hurting you physically
  • damaging your possessions
  • smashing up the furniture
  • threatening to kill the pets
  • threatening to kidnap or get custody of the children
  • driving fast because he knows it scares you
  • locking you out of the house during an argument
  • telling you what to wear or how to do your hair.

If you recognise any of the above behaviours then its likely you are a victim of domestic abuse.

You are not alone. It's not your fault. You have the right to feel safe.

Abuse comes in a startling variety of shapes and sizes. Paradoxically, the dark side of love is widely acknowledged to be a major source of abuse.


“Loving” someone too much can be abusive. This can happen when one partner (the user/abuser controller) regards the other partner has being his or her own personal property to use (or abuse) as he, or she, sees fit.


Viewing (and treating) a partner as a personal possession is not healthy. It takes away our humanity and reduces us into being no more than a chattel. Something to guard jealously as a means of satisfying personal gratification.


To emotionally imprison in the name of love is clearly abusive.


Emotional imprisonment can lead to other more sinister forms of imprisonment.


Whilst true love is light and liberating. The love of a user/abuser/controller is dark and dangerous.

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